Miso Soup  
Soy bean soup

Crabmeat Spinach Soup  
Imitation crab & spinach in a chicken broth sesame seeds soup

Clear Soup  

Udon Soup  
Udon noodle soup w/ spinach,  Imitation crabmeat and fish cake

Tropical Fish Salad 
Mixed Raw fish, masago & kinchee sauce w/ avocado, cucumber & orange

Avocado Salad  
Avocado & shrimp w/ a touch of flying fish roe in miso sauce

Dinner Salad  

Green Salad  
Large salad topped w/ vegetables

Crabmeat and Shrimp  Salad  
Green salad topped with amixture of  imitation  crab, shrimp, flying fish roe and mayo
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