Baby Octopus  
Marinated baby octopus

Steamed soy bean pods

Beef Tataki  
Beef cooked rare, thinly sliced

Scallops, flying fish eggs & soy bean mayo baked together in a shell

Coconut Shrimp  
Shrimp deep fried in coconut batter

Sashimi Appetizer  
9 pieces of assorted fish

Pan fried dumplings

Beef Negimaki  
Beef rolled w/ scallion in teriyaki sauce

Japanese spring rolls

Chicken Tatsutage  
Chicken fingers w. a ginger flower

Salt & Pepper Calamari  
Fried calamari w/ tomato coulis

Raw sirloin a spicy sauce

Fire Cracker Shrimp  
Wrapped in shredded doughwith spicy Thai chili

Salmon Shioyaki  
Grilled lightly salted salmon

Hawiian Tuna Tartar  
Tuna tosses w/ avacado, mango & pineapple, mixed with wasabi sauce, served with wonton chips
Special Sunomono  
Conch, octopus, shrimp, crab & cucumbers in vinegar, miso or kimchee sauce

Sushi Appetizer  
5 pieces of assorted sushi

Chicken & onion on a skewer in teriyaki sauce

Tuna Tataki  
Rare tuna in our special tataki sauce

Steamed Edamame Shumai  
Soy bean dumpling

Soft Shell Crab  
Maryland molting crab cooked tempura style

Grilled Hamachi Kama  
Grilled lightly salted salmon collar-bone

Seared Tuna Sashimi  
in Asian Pesto

Seaweed Salad  
Seasoned seaweed

Steak Kushiyaki  
Grilled sirloin tip & onion on a skewer

Sweet Potato Tempura  
5 pieces of sweet potatoes cooked tempura style

Tempura Appetizer  
Shrimp & vegetables in tempura batter

Shrimp Kushiyaki  
Shrimp & onion on a skewer in teriyaki sauce

Yasai Itame  
Assorted vegetables stir fried

Mango Ceviche  
Citric marinated fish, onion, pepper,
cilantro and mango

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